Tech Talk: Metrics for Marketing

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Tech Talk: Metrics for Marketing

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Your company might be collecting more data that can be used to take your business to the next level than you think!

Find out how you can use this data during a Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation webinar on June 7, 2017 at 9am Eastern Time. You will find out how Partnering for Innovation and its 50+ commercial partners are using data collected for evaluating development outcomes to inform marketing strategies that drive their commercial success. As commercial partners successfully break into smallholder markets they are innovating their data collection methods and uses to increase sales while remaining committed to contributing to development outcomes through strategic partnerships.

Mike Reiter and Mark Sevier will discuss how public private partnerships are evolving in terms of collecting and analyzing data about smallholder farmers to benefit all stakeholders. This includes the types of data that are most useful for both evaluations and marketing, and what next steps are required to use data to scale commercial technologies and value added services that improve the lives of smallholder farmers while also generating financial returns for companies.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How Partnering for Innovation's commercial partners are innovating data collection and analysis practices.
  • The types of data that are useful for evaluating development outcomes and how this supports commercial companies marketing strategies in smallholder markets.
  • What next steps are needed for efficiently collecting and analyzing data that are useful to both development professionals and donors, and to commercial companies working in smallholder markets.

Also stay tuned for a follow-on webinar on June 21st about the concepts of segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP)!

About the Presenters:

Mike Reiter: Mike is the senior vice president of business innovations at Fintrac. Mike is an expert in metrics and evaluation, from planning complex surveys to analyzing farmer-level data. At Fintrac, Mike leads broad-based product and service expansion as well atsevaluation. Mike has developed agriculture and nutrition strategic frameworks, data management tools, and reporting metrics. He has led assessment teams and validation initiatives in more than one dozen countries.

Mark Sevier: Mark is a partnership manager at Partnering for Innovation, responsible for overseeing a $40 million portfolio of partnerships in Malawi and Mozambique. Mark oversees data collection and analysis activities with Partnering for Innovation's commercial partners and assists in developing impact surveys to inform program partners' commercial strategies.

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