Tech Talk - Farmforce: Improving outgrower schemes through mobile technology

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When: January 26th, 2016, 10-11:15 AM Eastern Time
Where: Online webinar

Farmforce, a software and mobile app that provides full electronic traceability to the farm level and improves overall information management for outgrowers, was developed by the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Development and is being commercialized in Guatemala with support from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation. Designed specifically for use with smallholder farmers, Farmforce uses mobile technology to make traceability and compliance with global standards fully integrated with outgrower schemes and smallholder production, improving outgrowers' efficiency and ensuring continued access to key export markets for smallholder farmers.

Spencer Morley of the Syngenta Foundation brings more than a decade of experience in the commercial software business and currently works with the Farmforce implementation team, which is responsible for business development, deploying the system for clients, and providing customer support. Spencer will join us for a presentation on how Farmforce benefits businesses and farmers, followed by a question and answer session with the online audience.

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Tech Talk - Farmforce: Improving profits and productivity for smallholders and outgrowers through mobile technology

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