Tech Talk: Marketing in Smallholder Markets

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Tech Talk: Marketing in Smallholder Markets

Are you collecting data on your customers? What are low-cost ways to put it to use for supercharged marketing in smallholder markets?

Many small and large businesses are asking these questions - and we can help you with some potential solutions. On June 21 at 9am Eastern time, we are bringing together experts to teach key marketing concepts for using that quality data you have collected. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) concepts will be reviewed in terms of how to better reach smallholder farmers, and discussed in consideration of limited staff, budget, and time that many start-ups and even large companies contend with, especially when selling into rural, last mile markets that are often poorly understood.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn about the marketing concepts of STP (read some background information here) and see how your existing data can be used for developing STP insights.
  • Understand what additional data can be integrated into existing systems for more robust STP insights.
  • Learn how to use our simple, practical online STP tool.

Note: This webinar builds from the June 7, 2017 webinar all about collecting quality data for metrics to marketing, though it will also be useful for anyone who wants to learn how to put data to work for taking marketing to the next level. To watch the first webinar, click here. You can get a jump on the conversation by going to the AgTechXChange metrics to marketing discussion here.

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