Tech Talk - AISL: Improving Legume Productivity with Nitrofix, November 2016

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About the Innovation: Agro-Input Suppliers Limited (AISL) will present an exciting new legume inoculant that accelerates plants' natural nitrogen fixation, increases yields, saves farmers' money on more costly nitrogen fertilizer, and reduces environmental degradation. Called Nitrofix, this product has been shown to increase yields by up to 50 percent!

Supported by Feed the Future's Partnering for Innovation, Nitrofix sales have grown more than 200 percent in less than two years.

Why Join: Frederic Kawalewale - the owner and manager of AISL in Malawi - will talk about how Nitrofix can help farmers increase yields in ways that support food security and livelihoods outcomes. During the webinar, you will have a chance to learn more about Nitrofix and ask questions about it from the person who knows best: Mr. Kawalewale.

About the Speaker: Frederic Kawalewale has been working in the agriculture sector for more than 22 years. His experience ranges from marketing and distributing inputs to microfinancing and commodity trading. He started AISL in 2013 as a seed company and ventured into productivity-enhancing technologies such as production of legume inoculants.

This event is a collaboration between Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, the Bureau for Food Security, and the Global Development Lab to accelerate how innovations can benefit smallholder farmers where USAID works.

Tech Talk: AISL

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