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  • Meet Alagbe

    By turning her farm into a source of income, Alagbe was able to invest in her sewing business and create a better life for her family.

    Read Alagbe's story here!

  • Meet Andrew

    Buying a Surehatch egg incubator allowed Andrew to dramatically expand his small poultry business and increase his income.

    Read Andrew's story here!

  • Meet Ashraful

    By purchasing a small-scale reaper to provide reaping services to farmers in his community, Ashraful is changing agriculture for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh.

    Read Ashraful's story here!

  • Meet Celia

    For Celia, it was a dream come true to run her own farm implement shop and support other women entrepreneurs.

    Read Celia's story here!

  • Meet Josefina

    The opportunity to run her own agricultural input supply shop was a dream come true for Josefina.

    Read Josefina's story here!

  • Meet Sophilina

    After receiving credit and training on good agricultural practices, Sophilina was able to turn her subsistence farm into a thriving business.

    Read Sophilina's story here!

  • Meet Ruth

    With access to credit that is tailored to her needs as a smallholder farmer, Ruth was able to turn her family's life around.

    Read Ruth's story here!

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