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  • Meet Alagbe

    By turning her farm into a source of income, Alagbe was able to invest in her sewing business and create a better life for her family.

    Read Alagbe's story here!

  • Meet Andrew

    Buying a Surehatch egg incubator allowed Andrew to dramatically expand his small poultry business and increase his income.

    Read Andrew's story here!

  • Meet Ashraful

    By purchasing a small-scale reaper to provide reaping services to farmers in his community, Ashraful is changing agriculture for smallholder farmers in Bangladesh.

    Read Ashraful's story here!

  • Meet Ato

    Ato is expanding his poultry business with help from EthioChicken's rural sales agents, allowing him to increase his income and send his children to school.

    Read Ato's story here!

  • Meet Celia

    For Celia, it was a dream come true to run her own farm implement shop and support other women entrepreneurs.

    Read Celia's story here!

  • Meet Gebrehiwot

    Becoming a rural sales agent for EthioChicken gave Gebrehiwot the opportunity to build a business and provide improved poultry breeds to farmers in his community.

    Read Gebrehiwot story here!

  • Meet Josefina

    The opportunity to run her own agricultural input supply shop was a dream come true for Josefina.

    Read Josefina's story here!

  • Meet Justin

    Justin sees smallholder farmers' lives changing for the better because of his work as a field supervisor for Good Nature.

    Read Justin's story here!

  • Meet Octavio and Helder

    Octavio can get all the inputs he needs for his farm from Helder's new TECAP agricultural inputs franchise.

    Read Octavio and Helder's story here!

  • Meet Peter

    Peter jumped at the chance to become a professional seedling grower for MRI-Syngenta in Zambia.

    Read Peter's story here!

  • Meet Sophilina

    After receiving credit and training on good agricultural practices, Sophilina was able to turn her subsistence farm into a thriving business.

    Read Sophilina's story here!

  • Meet Ruth

    With access to credit that is tailored to her needs as a smallholder farmer, Ruth was able to turn her family's life around.

    Read Ruth's story here!

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