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Annual Report 2017

Find out what Partnering for Innovation's partners achieved in the program's penultimate year, and find out more about lessons and challenges from FY17!

Newsletter - January 2018

We introduce our podcast, debut a report on commercializing agricultural research, and explore lessons from SOCAP 2017.

Newsletter - December 2017

The program director's yearly message looks at the impact the program's impact and exciting upcoming events in 2018.

Newsletter - November 2017

We announce exciting new program impact numbers, explore the challenges of working in Mozambique, and showcase our series of illustrated stories.

Newsletter - October 2017

We announce exciting new program impact numbers, explore the challenges of working in Mozambique, and showcase our series of illustrated stories.

Newsletter - September 2017

We announce the release of new resources on targeting women customers in smallholder markets and business models that work for commercializing products in smallholder markets, and explore how one partnership in Guatemala is using video to attract youth to farming.

Newsletter - August 2017

We announce the release of a good practice note on private sector provision of rural advisory services, announce a Tech Talk about global trends in biological control products, and announce that our partnership with EthioChicken is a finalist for the P3 Impact Award.

Newsletter - July 2017

We explore seed market systems, look at Zamorano University's partnership, and discuss a recent sweet potato event.

Newsletter - June 2017

We take an inside look at The Metal in Bangladesh, ask for feedback on the AgTechXChange, and post our latest webinars on metrics for marketing.

Newsletter - May 2017

We announce our latest impact numbers, preview our upcoming Tech Talk on metrics for marketing, and get to know one of Musoni’s wealth creation officers.

Semiannual Report 2017

Check out what Partnering for Innovation's partners have been up to in the last six months and view our latest impact numbers!

Newsletter - April 2017

We hear from early CoolBot adopters, get a preview of the AgBio Lab in Guatemala, and get an inside look at Twiga Foods in Kenya.

Newsletter - March 2017

We introduce six new partners, share our latest Tech Talk, and highlight partners who exhibited at the AgriTrade Fair in Guatemala.

Newsletter - February 2017

We discuss metrics for marketing, introduce a new partner in Zambia, and learn about digital finance through the Grameen Foundation.

Newsletter - January 2017

We meet some women entrepreneurs in Mozambique, debut our new Instagram account, and learn about marketing poultry to smallholder farmers.

Newsletter - December 2016

The annual end-of-year message from our director highlights some the program's achievements in 2016 and looks forward to the new year.

Annual Report 2016

Find out what Partnering for Innovation and its partners achieved and learned in FY2016!

Newsletter - November 2016

We share a recording of our latest Tech Talk, showcase a series of business strategy guides, and share a story on our partnership with NCBA CLUSA.

Newsletter - October 2016

We highlight a Voice of America piece on EthioChicken, discuss cassava processing innovations, and showcase a guide to smallholder market assessments.

Newsletter - September 2016

We introduce a new partner in Nigeria, explore five way the program is ending hunger, and explore challenges facing the seed sector in Mozambique.

Newsletter - August 2016

We introduce new partners in Mozambique, launch our new study on drip irrigation in smallholder markets, and announce our participation in SOCAP 2016.

Newsletter - July 2016

We introduce our new partner in Mozambique, report on our Nigeria partnership launch, and announce our new series of videos.

Newsletter - June 2016

We announce another funding opportunity, introduce our partnership with Hello Tractor, and showcase partnership launch events in Guatemala.

Newsletter - May 2016

We invite people to attend the Ag Innovation Investment Summit, introduce new partners in Guatemala, Benin, and Nigeria, and announce new funding opportunities.

Newsletter - April 2016

We introduce new partnerships to support youth in Guatemala and legume seed production in Zambia, and report on the Chicago Council's Global Food Security Symposium

Newsletter - March 2016

We discuss why gender equality is good for business and showcase partners in Mozambique and Malawi that are improving smallholder access to key inputs and markets.

Newsletter - February 2016

We introduce our newest partner, Grameen Foundation, highlight our new Agrilinks blog series, and report on the success of PICS bags in Kenya.

Newsletter - January 2016

We introduce new global partners, meet Hanna, a farmer in Malawi, and post the recording of our recent Tech Talk with Farmforce.

Newsletter - November 2015

We announce our one-year program extension, a new funding opportunity in Mozambique, and an exciting new partnership between MEA Fertilizers and FreshCo in East Africa.

Newsletter - October 2015

We highlight our program achievements to date with a new infographic, announce a funding opportunity in Nigeria, and introduce Bayer, our newest partner in Ukraine.

Newsletter - September 2015

We introduce four women starting a women entrepreneurs group in Kenya, provide follow-up information on our recent Tech Talk, and hear from Surehatch's managing director on his experience at the Ag Innovation Showcase.

Newsletter - August 2015

We announce our upcoming Tech Talk with Open Capital Advisors, talk about our partners who will pitch at the Ag Innovation Showcase, and discuss what we learned during World Water Week from Netafim's Naty Barak.

Newsletter - July 2015

We get to know a smallholder in Kenya benefiting from Surehatch's incubators, introduce our new partners in Ukraine, and share a video from TVAgro about Farmforce.

Newsletter - June 2015

We introduce our new partner in Guatemala, Popoyán, announce a funding opportunity in Benin, and report on the recent AgAccelerator Lab.

Newsletter - May 2015

We share a first-hand story from GrainPro's vice president on how the company is improving postharvest storage in Tanzania, preview our upcoming video series featuring Netafim's chief sustainability officer, and hear Popoyan's CEO talk about how his company become successful in Guatemala.

Newsletter - April 2015

We introduce our new partnership with Zamorano University in Honduras, which will bring biological pest control to smallholders; we announce that the AgTechXChange has reached 1,000 users; and we show AGCO's video about how it is engaging smallholders in Zambia with appropriate postharvest storage solutions.

Newsletter - February 2015

We announce our new funding round for commercializing technologies for smallholder farmers, our upcoming Tech Talk on investing in women through mechanization, and our new partnership in Malawi.

Newsletter - January 2015

We showcase farmer testimonials from India, explore our new partnerships in Mozambique, and discuss small-scale egg incubators in Kenya.

Newsletter - December 2014

Our director summarizes Partnering for Innovation's accomplishments in 2014 in this special year-end message.

Newsletter - November 2014

We announce new partnerships in Mozambique, explore the success of the Juan Valdez coffee company, and remind potential applicants of the deadline for the Guatemala funding solicitation.

Newsletter - October 2014

We present Partnering for Innovation's new guide, From Smallholders to Shareholders, announce a new partnership with MEA Fertilizers, and report on Partnering for Innovation's side event at the 2014 Borlaug Dialogue and World Food Prize.

Newsletter - September 2014

We highlight Partnering for Innovation's upcoming workshop at the 2014 Borlaug Dialogue & World Food Prize, showcase Farmforce, a mobile platform for outgrowers, and introduce our newest partnership in Guatemala.

Newsletter - Summer 2014

This quarter, we share tips for marketing drip products to smallholder farmers, discuss the commercial potential of drip irrigation, and introduce PICS storage bags, which reduce postharvest grain losses.

Newsletter - March 2014

We highlight our partner Moana commercializing improved shrimp in Bangladesh, how to find crowdfunding for your technology, and an open position on our team.

Newsletter - February 2014

We highlight new technical and funding resources, post-event materials from our webinar on Leapfrog Technology, and March's conference on Revealing the Demand for Pro-Poor Innovation.

Newsletter - January 2014

We highlight our upcoming Leapfrog Technology webinar, our newest grantee, and next month's World Ag Expo.

Newsletter - November 2013

We highlight Thanksgiving content, customizing your funding search, and the upcoming Farm Journal Forum on food system innovations.

Newsletter - October 2013

We're highlighting our Scaling Public-Private Partnerships webinar, Ag Tech Resources, and ICT4Ag event

Newsletter - September 2013

We're highlighting our Tech Transfer event at the Borlaug Dialogues, Other Ag Funding Opportunities, and Cracking the Nut Rwanda

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