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  • Country: Zambia
  • Award period: April 2016 - April 2018

In Zambia, the seed market is dominated by companies producing maize and soy seed, leaving the demand for legume seed unmet. Stewards Globe, the largest supplier of legume seeds in Zambia, is increasing production of their certified seed varieties, which include groundnut, soybean, common bean, sunflower, and cow pea, in order to increase their capacity to meet demand. Stewards Globe is using an outgrower scheme to increase certified seed production and is increasing awareness of their brand through demonstration plots, field days, and promotional materials.

Outcome: Stewards Globe will establish contractual relationships with 220 seed outgrowers, more than half of whom will be women, promote new legume varieties through installing 200 demonstration plots and training agro dealers, and provide 60,000 smallholder farmers access to seed through sales of 600 MT of soy, sunflower, cow pea, groundnut, and common bean varieties.

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