Niji Foods

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  • Country: Nigeria
  • Award period: September 2016 - November 2017

Nigeria is the world's leading producer of cassava. Despite the volume of cassava processed there and the commercial potential of cassava peel for livestock feed, there is virtually no commercially-available livestock feed made from cassava peel. Niji Foods, with the International Livestock Research Institute, is establishing three cassava peel processing centers to address this market gap. They will recruit and train staff on critical operations and business management, not only creating the processing centers but also providing long term local employment. In addition, they will ultimately hand over partial ownership of the centers to at least three women's groups.

Outcome: Niji Foods will train up to 750 women and 24 new staff involved in cassava peel mash processing and business management and hand over partial ownership to at least 3 women's groups. Niji will process at least 6,480 metric tons of cassava peel and sell at least 2,945 metric tons of cassava peel mash.