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Almost 80 percent of the milk produced in Ukraine comes from smallholder farmers that have one to three cows. However, this milk is low quality and is not viable in the marketplace. To improve milk quality, International Charitable Fund Community Wellbeing (ICF CW) and its partners, including Danone, is targeting mid-sized or family farms with seven or more cows. ICF CW will upgrade these farms' dairy production with improved breeds, cooling tanks, milking machines, and other modern equipment and will train the farmers in state-of-the-art milk production. Ultimately, Danone will purchase milk produced by these farmers.

Outcome: 170 family (or medium-size) farms will receive new equipment and training to increase milk production and income by 40 percent. An additional 1,000 smallholder farmers will be able to use milk-cooling tanks and supply milk, which will increase product quality and improve incomes by 20 percent.

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