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Ukraine produces more than 23 million MT of potatoes annually, almost all of which are grown by households and small- and medium-size farms. Often, the potato seed used by these farms is of very poor quality and is re-used from year to year, resulting in low yields and poor quality produce. Agrico is addressing this problem by producing and storing high quality seeds for sale to small and medium farms. Additionally, Agrico will provide training in proper planning, cultivation, and harvesting of potatoes. Training will include continuous information support services for farmers provided by Agrico’s team of agronomists.

Outcome: Agrico will triple their storage capacity to 3,000 MT of high-quality seed potatoes leading to a 50 percent increase in sales revenue. 450 SMEs will gain access to seeds, which will result in up to a 30 percent increase in yields and a 43 percent increase in revenue.

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