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Find information below on over 30 open opportunities from donors, grant programs, foundations, impact investors, and other programs for agricultural innovators and technology development. If your organization provides funding opportunities for agriculture technology, please email us to be added to these features.

Acumen Fund

Debt or equity investments from $250,000 to $3 million along with management support services to early-stage companies providing access to agricultural markets, education, clean energy, healthcare, housing, or drinking water.


Provides competitive grants and interest free loans of up to US $2.5 million to private sector companies based on eligibility and selection criteria. Competing business ideas should be commercially viable, innovative and have a large development impact.


Association of Central Banks, Commercial Banks, and Agricultural Banks, Micro-finance Institutions and National Programs dealing with agricultural and rural finance in Africa.


Invests patient capital to create commercially sustainable agriculture and agribusiness ventures, thereby supporting emergent commercial and small scale farmers to increase productivity and incomes.


A grantmaker which invests in projects that have measurable impacts, create change in the agricultural sector, and lead to food security in Africa.

Agricultural Innovation Prize

Cash prizes up to $100,000 to university teams who identify food security solutions for the world's population. The competition invites business plans focusing on a process, product, service, or technology.

Andrew Porter Foundation Grants

The Foundation's international grant making includes projects for agriculture natural resources, and grassroots conservation. Grants range from $30,000 to $500,000 per year for projects of 1-2 years.

Apps 4 Africa

An acceleration program designed to discover, fund and help scale Africa’s brightest startup companies and social enterprises, including companies and non-profits, with up to $10,000 in funding and additional mentorship.

Associated Women of the World

Funding for development projects which support women in their efforts to reduce poverty, improve health, and advance education through 460 member societies active in over 70 countries.

Biera Corridor Catalytic Fund

$50,000 to $500,000 funding to early-stage businesses, helping to 'kick start' commercially-viable agriculture in the Beira corridor region of Mozambique. Businesses must demonstrate direct benefits for smallholder farmers and local communities.


A crowdfunding platform specifically aimed to fight gender inequality and support projects around the world that help women and young girls.

Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation

Grants from $15,000 to $30,000 for nonprofit organizations worldwide working with projects inconservation, sustainable agriculture, and health in developing countries.


A fast growing fundraising platform which support project worldwide through a mix of crowdfunding, networking, and contests.


CTA is a joint international institution which seeks to strengthen ACP states' agricultural and rural development strategies as well as enhance their agricultural value chains and information capacities.

Development Innovation Ventures

Funding up to $100,000 to test an idea, $1.0 million to scale an idea, or $15.0 million to expand successful implementation to a new country in the humanitarian sector.

D-Prize Grants

Challenging social entrepreneurs to develop better ways to distribute proven life-enhancing technologies, and funding early-stage startups that deliver the best results with $10,000 to 20,000 grants.

Fairtrade Access Fund

Provides farmers' cooperatives and associations the long-term loans they need to renew their farms or adopt new technologies and equipment. Focus regions: Latin America and will expand into Africa and Asia in a second phase.

Finance Alliance (FAST)

An international non-profit that represents financial institutions and producers by working to bridge the financing gap in the sustainable Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) finance sector.

First Peoples Worldwide Grants

Grants from $500 to $20,000 to support grassroots projects of indigenous organizations including indigenous land use, management of natural resources, climatechange, and food security among others.


An online marketplace that connects donors with projects in the developing world based on geography or themes such as the environment and technology.

Global Innovation Initiative

Grants awarded to research teams in the areas of energy, climatechange, agriculture, food security, and water. Grants range between US$150 thousand to US$250 thousand for projects of two years.

Grassroots Business Fund

Equity, loans, and guarantees from $500,000 to $2.5 million to for-profit companies that have a strong commitment to bringing sustainable social and economic impact to developing communities.


Connects startups, including those in the food and drink industry, with investors across the world.

ICT Challenge Fund

USAID funded grant for an NGO, private business, or university seeking to provide ICT enabled services to contribute to the success of the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

IMPAQ International

A research, evaluation and technical assistance firm which works with governments and the private sector to influence policy and implement international development projects.

Improved Nutrition SUN Grants

Funding up to $300,000 to scale up improved nutrition in developing countries within agricultural development, clean water, and other related areas.


An international crowdfunding platform for development projects and causes which also includes donations for charity.

Invested Development Funding

Seed stage equity financing from $100,000 to $500,000 to for-profit impact ventures serving an underserved population in emerging markets and working in mobile technology, alternative energy, or agricultural technology.

Jacana Partners Funding

Investments from $1.0 million to $5.0 million in businesses across a variety of sectors including financial services, property, healthcare, education, manufacturing and agro-processing.

Kenya Climate Innovation Center

Business accelerator services and financing from $100,000 to $750,000 for cleantech businesses seeking to move from a proof of concept stage to commercialization.


An online microfinance platform which works with field partners and volunteers around the world to directly fund local development projects.

Kukua Fund

Investments up to $25000 with further independent funding, an assigned Kukua mentor, and access to business developers and the RLabs Incubation and Acceleration program for mobile and internet focused startups.

Monsanto Strengthening Communities Grants

Grants of $25,000 or more in support of agricultural communities and organizations for projects that address farmers' education and training, food security, community water and sanitation, and other local needs.


An alliance of universities, research institutions, investors and entrepreneurs which works to address common problems in technology-startup business development as well as facilitating financing, management and collaboration.

PACE Initiative

by aiming to invest $10 million, the initiative's goal is to spur innovations that accelerate the creation of promising, high growth, and sustainable entrepreneurial ventures. Areas of focus: food security, health, and energy access.

Peru Opportunity Fund

Grants to support smallholder farmers in Peru with information, simple technologies, and capital.

Polsinelli Innovation Competition

helps emerging and venture ready clean and green tech companies gain visibility and make connections as well as provides a showcase to demonstrate competitive returns and technology solutions for investors.


A crowdfunding platform for fundraising and donating with opportunities for individuals, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations.


A crowdfunding platform which facilitates fundraising, donations, and collaboration on a diverse set of projects around the world.

Root Capital Funding

Short-term credit and pre-harvest loans or long-term fixed-asset loans from $50,000 to $2.0 million for businesses that are too big for microfinance, but unable to secure credit from commercial banks.

Scottish Government Grants Program

Provides grants of up to ₤500,000 per year between 2014-2017 to support projects that help some of the world's poorest countries and fit within the Scottish Government's International Development Policy.

Tata Social Enterprise Challenge

Opportunities for mentorship funding, and access to IIM Calcutta's Incubation Center for promising social enterprises in India related to agriculture, water and sanitation, energy, and other thematic areas.

TBL Mirror Fund

Equity or quasi-equity investments from €100,000 to €1,000,000 with a preferred focus on investments from €500,000 to €1,000,000 for eastafrican businesses that are late start-ups or early to mid-stage companies.

UC Davis Agriculture Grant

UC Davis administers a research program addressing questions of poverty and development with emphasis on agriculture and rural livelihoods. Grant sizes average $700,000 for research projects up to four years.