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The Metal Ltd.

The Metal is establishing hubs for marketing, education, and sales of its mechanized reaper.

Moana Technologies

Moana Technologies has introduced specific pathogen free (SPF) black tiger shrimp broodstock to MKA Hatchery in Bangladesh.



Tolaro is establishing a cashew processing plant to add value to cashew exports in Benin.


World Fish Model Ponds

World Fish is developing fish ponds that yield more fish per unit area than traditional ponds.



EthioChicken commercializes improved poultry breeds to smallholder farmers via decentralized network of farmer agents.



Popoyán is scaling up production and sales of beneficial insects and fungicides in Guatemala.


Solutions SA

Solutions is organizing mango producers and introducing electronic traceability to the mango supply chain.


Zamorano University

Zamorano University is promoting the use of beneficial nematodes for pest control instead of chemical pesticides.



Driptech is commercializing a new do-it-yourself drip irrigation system called the InstaKit, the first one-acre portable drip irrigation system in India.


Twiga Foods

Twiga Foods is strengthening the supply chain between rural producers and urban produce vendors.

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation is developing a software that will help commercialize an agricultural loan that is specifically tailored for smallholder farmers.


MEA Fertilizers is marketing a legume inoculant that will significantly reduce the need for nitrogen fertilizers in Kenya and will improve farmers' crop yield and quality.


Surehatch is providing small-scale, automated egg incubators for smallholders to use in starting their own poultry production businesses.


AATF and 6 seed companies in East Africa will scale the commercialization of a hybrid maize seed resistant to the striga weed.


Netafim partners with local distributors and banks to develop an innovative financing program for drip irrigation equipment.

LAC Regional


Farmforce is introducing its traceability software into Latin America and the Caribbean.

Store It Cold

Store It Cold is increasing sales of the CoolBot, a low-cost cold storage solution.


Agro-Input Suppliers Limited (AISL)

Agro-Input Suppliers Limited (AISL) is increasing sales and proper use of NITROFIX, a legume inoculant that boost legumes' natural nitrogen fixation.

Rab Processors Ltd.

Rab is establishing three rural marketing and storage facilities in Malawi.

Universal Industries Limited

Universal Industries is working with the International Potato Center to provide technical assistance on orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) production, improved vines, and market opportunities.




iDE is providing access to inputs and services through agro dealers and farm business advisors.


NCBA CLUSA is improving certified seed systems, establishing an agro agent network, and developing input packages.

Opportunity International

Opportunity International is providing technical assistance and access to financial services to sesame and soybean farmers.


Txopela is developing an ag input supply company in Mozambique.


Babban Gona

Babban Gona is expanding support for farmer cooperatives in Nigeria.

Chi Farms

Chi Farms is increasing smallholder fish farmers' access to high quality juvenile fish, feed, and training.

Hello Tractor

Hello Tractor is expanding access to mechanization with Smart Tractors in Nigeria.

Niji Foods

Niji Foods is developing a cassava peel processing plant to make high quality animal feed.



PortaScience is introducing and selling UdderCheck, a mastitis detection dip stick that sells for $0.30 and requires no refrigeration, to dairy farmers in Rwanda.

PICS and EcoPlastics

Purdue Improved Crop Storage Bag is commercialized in Rwanda with local partner EcoPlastics.


Compatible Technology International

CTI is increasing commercial access to and adoption of the CTI Pearl Millet processing suite in Senegal, which reduces the labor required to process grain, improves grain quality, and reduces postharvest losses.



Bayer is designing, testing, and implementing new agro extension solutions for small- and medium-sized farmers in Ukraine.


Agrico is producing and storing high-quality seed potatoes for sale to small- and medium-sized farms and is training farmers in proper potato cultivation practices.


Agrobonus is expanding its services to include soil, plant, and water analysis that will allow small-and medium-size farmers to make informed decisions about fertilization and crop selection, increasing their yields and incomes.


Good Nature Agro Products Ltd

Good Nature is addressing the lack of quality legume seed in Zambia by expanding its outgrower scheme and extension agent network.


MRI-Syngenta is building a sustainable seedling production system for horticultural crops in Zambia.


Amatheon is expanding its outgrower scheme in Zambia.

Stewards Globe

Stewards Globe is increasing production of certified legume seed in Zambia.


Through its Bags2Bulk activity, AGCO and its affiliates will sell 40 small-scale grain storage silos to grain traders in Zambia, benefitting an estimated 12,000 smallholder maize farmers.

iDE and Toro

iDE works with Toro, a US developer of agricultural equipment, to introduce a drip irrigation kit to the Zambian smallholder farmer market.

Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services conducted a feasibility study on the commercial viability of groundnut processing tools.

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