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May 19-24, 2013

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation invited high-potential organizations and businesses that applied for funding and did not receive a grant to attend the AgInvestor Lab, held at Airlie Center in Warrenton, VA. Facilitated by KnowInnovation, an international firm that facilitates creative thinking and problem solving for the National Science Foundation and other government agencies and universities. Almost 20 participants from more than five countries attended and participated in exercises and activities to help participants overcome barriers to entering the smallholder market. Based on evaluations, takeaways for participants included skills building in:

  • Identifying and negotiating partnerships.
  • Constructing and deploying a commercialization plan.
  • Fine-tuning and applying management and leadership skills.
  • Increasing the likelihood of successful technology transfer to smallholders.

Watch our videos, including highlights from the AgInvestor Lab and full-length presentations on transferring technology to smallholders, pitching business concepts to private investors, creating a business plan, and scaling a business or technology.

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Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation is a USAID and Fintrac program focused on finding and commercializing agricultural technology that can help smallholder farmers. We're working to build public-private partnerships that move agricultural technologies from labs to markets to farms.

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