Tech Talk: AGCO's Bags2Bulk Project

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Often losing as much as one third of their crops to rot, rodent, and insect damage, smallholder farmers need better postharvest storage solutions. AGCO, with support from Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation, is introducing small-scale bulk silos to provide safe storage for maize in Zambia, where smallholder farmers produce 80 percent of the country's maize for domestic consumption.

What are the challenges when a multinational agribusiness enters a new market targeting smallholders? How is AGCO addressing these challenges with the Bags2Bulk project? What lessons can others draw from AGCO's experience to increase their own ability to reach smallholders?

This webinar will include a presentation by AGCO followed by an in-depth interview that will explore AGCO's successes and lessons learned in entering the Zambian smallholder market. The audience will have a chance to ask questions and learn about how a large company like AGCO is reaching the smallholder market.


  • Introduction to business models for engaging smallholder farmers
    • Robert de Jongh, Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation
  • In-depth exploration of how AGCO is entering new markets with its Bags2Bulk project
    • Louisa Parker, AGCO
  • Audience Q&A: Ask your questions about the Bags2Bulk project and the challenges and potential of entering new markets and engaging smallholder farmers
Tech Talk - AGCO

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