The 2014 AgBusiness Lab: Targeting the Small Farmer Market for Drip Irrigation

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May 12-16, 2014

Arusha, Tanzania

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What is an AgBusiness Lab?

Practical, business-oriented events designed and facilitated to help private companies scale technologies for smallholders. Labs focus on technical solutions, business planning, marketing strategies, distribution models, and financing options.

Why the drip irrigation focus?

According to a recent World Bank study there are over 110 million hectares of arable land in the developing world that can be irrigated. This represents an untapped market worth billions of dollars for irrigation technology providers. And with only an estimated three percent of one billion smallholder farmers able to currently access drip irrigation, placing a simple, affordable version of this technology into more hands can transform the global food security outlook.

Who are the participants?

The AgBusiness Lab is an invitation-only event for 15 forward thinking irrigation distributors from developing countries that are:

  • Established, commercial and independent distributors of quality drip systems in their countries;
  • Eager to expand sales to the small farmer market;
  • Willing to adapt product design for small farmers; and
  • Interested in experimenting with state-of-the-art financing and extension models.
Who are the experts?

Model drip irrigation distributors who have already penetrated the small farmer market will share their success factors; and on-site senior agronomists and drip specialists will answer technical queries and provide on-site demonstrations. Other experts will be available to provide information on future developments in irrigation technologies, alternative low-cost system parts, water engineering, extension, and finance.

What are the tangible benefits? Intensive and interactive sessions will provide strategies for:

  • Adapting drip system products to meet smallholder client needs;
  • Developing marketing and distribution strategies to penetrate the smallholder market;
  • Introducing product financing and extension solutions to smallholder clients; and
  • Accessing seed capital and co-investment to expand businesses.

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